A label is a sign used to distinguish goods and services of the different individuals, organization. The sign used to distinguish which must be seen in the form of letters, words, drawings, photographs, including three-dimensional pictures or a combination of such elements, expressed in one or many colors. Visible signs may be protected as a label in case such signs are capable of distinction,  not double – dealing to clients and incapable of conflict with the rights has been earlier established of other objects such as labels, trading names, geographical indications, industrial designs of other entities.

According to the Intellectual Property Law in 2005, the label right is set on the basis of granting decision on protection certificate or recognition of the international registration of the Intellectual Property Department (except for well-known label). Enterprises, organizations and individuals in Vietnam wanting to be entitled to label, must directly apply for the grant of protection certificate at the Intellectual Property Department or authorize a representative organization of intellectual property which has been practically certified as SONG LUAT CONSULTANT COMPANY to perform the relevant works.

The rights of the label are recognized within the national territory. Label registered in Vietnam or in any countries, is only protected on the territory of Vietnam or those countries. To be protected in a foreign country, the label must be registered or used in one. However, depending on the stipulation of that country’s law, the rights to the label may be generated through registration or using of label.

To register label in abroad, Vietnam’s enterprises can now perform in several ways:
+ Directly register in each country;
+ Or register via the system of Madrid international registration by submiting a single application in which you designates registering countries. Incase registering in Madrid, label firstly must have been registered or was applied for registration in Vietnam, depending on the country for protection belong to the Madrid Protocol or Madrid Agreement.

Services of SONG LUAT in the field of label registration consultancy.
1. Research, provide information about the using and registration of label in Vietnam and abroad;
2. Advise how to select and use label;
3. Assess the capability to register protection for label in Vietnam and abroad (USA, Europe, Canada, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Southeast Asia);
4. Advise clients to build and participate in brand awards.
5. On behalf clients to apply for certificate of label registration, note the amendment, renew certificate of label protection in Vietnam and abroad;
6. Assess the validity of certificate of label registration and violent capability to label rights protected in Vietnam and abroad;
7. Implement the label rights protected: investigating, monitoring, negotiation, mediation and bring a lawsuit or in court or request other competent bodies to handle infringements in Vietnam and abroad;
8. Negotiating, drafting, evaluating and registering contract of transfering the using or ownership of the label in Vietnam and abroad;
9. Advise clients on strategy of building and developing brand;


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